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Electric Portable Heaters for Restoration

During any restoration project, the need for reliable, portable industrial electric heaters is crucial. From flood damage restoration to simple heating and drying jobs, finding a versatile electric restoration heater that caters to your needs and provides powerful, efficient, and sustainable heat can help your job run more smoothly, be more cost efficient, and get done quicker.

Our industrial electric heaters can be plugged directly into a variety of electric outlets found on site including 15 amp, 20 amp, 30 amp, as well as 50 amp; providing a convenience and safety not allowed by propane or other unreliable restoration heaters. Additionally Dead BedBugz heaters are ETL Listed, so there are no OSHA or liability issues.

We have engineered our commercial portable heaters to produce efficient, state-of-the art concentrated airflow, meaning they are essential and applicable to a wide range of small- and large-scale jobs.

All of our industrial electric heaters are made in America and are built to be durable, portable, and efficient. Learn more about the Dead BedBugz heating solutions below.

Construction Heating Solutions

Whether you’re a DIY home improvement person or a larger construction company, there are a lot of projects that require heating solutions. Our portable, lightweight heater is great for: 

    • Heating an outdoor or unheated construction site
    • Basic drying or heating projects 
    • Curing concrete, drywall, or paint
    • Heating other equipment, like plumbing or electrical
    • Warming enclosed or crawl spaces
    • Thawing the ground or spaces
    • Keeping supplies from freezing during the winter or cold weather
    • Preventing frost at current work sites
    • Effectively sanitizing any area 

Not only for Killing bedbugs

Based in Colorado, our company knows the hazards and damages associated with Mother Nature. From flooding to freezing to preventative measures for winterization, as Coloradans we always have to be prepared for a wide range of potential damages to our properties.

Whether you’re taking on a restoration project after a flood, an unexpected leak or pipe burst, or simply attempting to renovate a home during the cold winter months, it’s more than likely that the elements will hinder your progress. Waiting for a flooded area to clear out or for the weather to warm up can take days, weeks, or even months that you simply can’t afford to lose.

With our portable electric heating solutions, you get sustained, ambient heat and concentrated airflow that you can count on. Even more, you get the safety of an electric heater that won’t combust, leak harmful odors, or require any more than the electricity you have on-site.

Electric heaters are more cost-efficient than propane or gas heaters, and they are more efficient and effective regardless of the weather.

From warehouses to basements to garages to barns, our innovative commercial portable heaters are right for any project and will run smoothly in any conditions thrown at you.