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Harness the Power of Heat for Bedbug Extermination

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All Dead BedBugz heaters come with a 5-year warranty.  See our warranty here.

FREE 1 HOUR CONSULTATION/TRAINING WITH THE PURCHASE OF A PACKAGE.  Training will be done via online, over the phone or a ZOOM video.

Bedbug Heater Packages

We offer seven distinct bedbug eradication packages tailored to accommodate various room sizes and voltage specifications for the areas you intend to treat. If you need a customized package to align precisely with your requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (303) 532-2494.

Individual Heaters

Require additional heat for your bedbug extermination? Delve into our wide range of high-performance electric heaters, meticulously crafted to fulfill your heating requirements. Embrace the efficiency and adaptability of our Eradi-Flo heaters, perfectly tailored to address your specific heating demands.

International Heaters and Accessories

Explore our advanced solution for addressing global bedbug infestations using our specialized international heaters. Crafted specifically for bedbug extermination, these heaters feature precise temperature controls, guaranteeing thorough and dependable eradication in diverse settings.

With their worldwide applicability, our heaters offer a versatile and potent pest control solution, promoting healthier and more comfortable living environments on a global scale.


Accessories for bedbug-killing heaters can significantly improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Equipping the heater(s) with powerful fans ensures optimal heat distribution throughout the infested area, maximizing the eradication process. Additionally, using a laser thermometer allows precise temperature monitoring, enabling users to maintain the ideal heat levels required to eliminate bedbugs effectively. These accessories provide essential tools for an enhanced and successful bedbug extermination experience.


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